Rig Management

Schedule, Track and Manage All your Activity.


Work Smarter, Not Harder.

One schedule for all rig activities.

Most companies are still using spreadsheets as their primary means of managing and scheduling rig activities throughout the entire well planning process. This leads to a lack of collaboration within the teams and results in them working separately. For companies to maximize their rig time they need to optimize their rig operations. GDS Ware helps companies effectively manage all of their rig activities in a centralized location. This environment promotes collaboration between groups and helps boost productivity.

  • Manage jobs from start to finish- Drilling ,Construction & Completion.
  • Calendar Scheduling- drag and drop to easily create drill schedules.
  • See all rig information in one location, in real-time.
  • Filter by company, project, date range, costs, etc.
  • View drilling and completions by current status
  • See current status of all jobs / view rig assignments, rig maintenance.


The Next Generation of Software.

  • Centralize Rig Management.
  • Expedite the well planning process.
  • Speed up rig scheduling.
  • Communicate changes effectively.
  • View drilling and completions by current status.
  • Implement one schedule for all rig activities.
  • Promote collaboration between groups.
  • View all rig data instantly.
  • Simplify your rig logistics.
  • Avoid duplicate schedules between departments.